Invitation to the House of Lords

The founder of Tayyibun Institute was invited to the House of Lords on Friday 9th October 2015, for the British Community Honours Awards Dinner. The event was attended by many high dignitaries, including notable leaders and royalty from around the UK and abroad. The event featured short speeches and a special presentation where Abu Ayman, the founder of Tayyibun Institute, received a shield in recognition for his efforts and support.

The BCHA work on the promotion of success and contribution of minority communities in British life, and the integration of minority communities in to mainstream British Society.

They work to raise the profile of appropriate role models and examples of successful and mutually beneficial community integration. These individuals are publicly acknowledged and commended to demonstrate harmonious social integration whilst maintaining links with cultural heritage.

Abu Ayman feels honoured to have received this recognition at the House of Lords and believes this is an encouragement for Tayyibun Institute and other organisations to strive hard for their communities and support one another in goodness.

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