Changes at Tayyibun

Following the Annual Conference 2015 in which our relaunch was announced, Tayyibun have steadily been rolling out and implementing the changes we’ve announced. We are currently working on improving the functionality of our website which will soon become a hub for student’s/ parent’s and teacher’s interaction with readily accessible information about all our courses and updates. Through the website features students will attain greater access to profile management and student archives through which they may track their progress.

As these changes are phased in, Tayyibun students will be alerted through email and additional modules will be added to their profiles. This will enable active students for instance to enter into group discussions with fellow students and ask questions of their regular class teacher. We hope that this greater interactivity between students and teachers will improve student performance and aid knowledge retention.

Despite these changes, Tayyibun will retain the features that are favoured by our students including the three terms structure with weekly classes and final exams; modular progression and different timings to suit all needs.