Press Release

Invitation to the House of Lords

The founder of Tayyibun Institute was invited to the House of Lords on Friday 9th October 2015, for the British Community Honours Awards Dinner. The event was attended by many high dignitaries, including notable leaders and royalty from around the UK and abroad. The event featured short speeches and a special presentation where Abu Ayman, the founder of Tayyibun Institute, received a shield in recognition for his efforts and support.

The BCHA work on the promotion of success and contribution of minority communities in British life, and the integration of minority communities in to mainstream British Society.

They work to raise the profile of appropriate role models and examples of successful and mutually beneficial community integration. These individuals are publicly acknowledged and commended to demonstrate harmonious social integration whilst maintaining links with cultural heritage.

Abu Ayman feels honoured to have received this recognition at the House of Lords and believes this is an encouragement for Tayyibun Institute and other organisations to strive hard for their communities and support one another in goodness.

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Anti-Extremism Seminar

Tayyibun with the help of scholarly figures from the Muslim community have delivered and informative and cautionary seminar on the dangers and means to avoid extremism. This successful seminar was attended by concerned members of the Muslim community both young and old who felt the need to learn about this important matter.



New Branch Confirmed

Since February 2015, Tayyibun staff have been actively working on our newest branch in Birmingham. The venue of the branch will soon be set up ready to hold classes for our Madrasah programmes starting in September 2015 Insha Allah.

This marks Tayyibun’s first foray into setting up and running regular structured classes outside the London region. Since the early days of the Institute, we have been repeatedly approached by eager students and parents to start a branch in the Midlands- in response to these requests we have been deliberating and managing the logistics to ensure we can reproduce the quality structured programmes we have become known for outside London and shall launch Tayyibun Birmingham soon.

Changes at Tayyibun

Following the Annual Conference 2015 in which our relaunch was announced, Tayyibun have steadily been rolling out and implementing the changes we’ve announced. We are currently working on improving the functionality of our website which will soon become a hub for student’s/ parent’s and teacher’s interaction with readily accessible information about all our courses and updates. Through the website features students will attain greater access to profile management and student archives through which they may track their progress.

As these changes are phased in, Tayyibun students will be alerted through email and additional modules will be added to their profiles. This will enable active students for instance to enter into group discussions with fellow students and ask questions of their regular class teacher. We hope that this greater interactivity between students and teachers will improve student performance and aid knowledge retention.

Despite these changes, Tayyibun will retain the features that are favoured by our students including the three terms structure with weekly classes and final exams; modular progression and different timings to suit all needs.



Tayyibun Institute was honoured to announce after serving the community for over 9 years, the institute launched its new and most exciting chapter to date, a complete Tayyibun Institute re-launch.The Launch was featured as the main presentation of the Institutes popular annual conference with many scholars and speakers from across the globe.

The Institute launched its new website along side many new and interesting courses for the community. Valued feedback and deliverance of key services to the community were two main focal points of the presentation which were highlighted.

A New Islamic Diploma programme was released for Sep 2015 enrolment alongside a new  exhilarating and interesting faculty of courses “Arabic through Juzz Amma”.

Parvez , Head of Education at the Institute said: ” Today is a new chapter for Tayyibun Institute, a chapter which I hope all will help us write. We have taken on board student feedback and teacher assessments. Lots of hard work and expertise have been pooled together to enable us to stand here with the permission of Allah, launching these exciting new courses and programmes. We have invested heavily in quality and continuity of our services and courses in Arabic and Quran. I am sure all current, new or returning students will be pleased with the changes. I hope you will all support us in this new chapter and take benefit of all the sevices”

Director Abu Ayman said:

“It’s unbelievable how far something started 9 years ago as grown and been nurtured by the excellent team at Tayyibun Institute. I thank Allah first and foremost then the staff and volunteers, not forgetting our most valued asset, the community.  The  members of the Muslim community across London have always shown great support and I pray we can continue to serve them. ”

An Attendee at the Conference said:

“It’s great to see the new website and new courses. I think they have developed with the times and are really giving the community what they need. I really like the new look, and the new Juzz Amma courses which sounds ideal for today’s Muslim generation. A purpose written course to enable us to understand the Quran we have memorised and recite most often with all its beautiful hidden gems. I have studied Arabic once before but i did not see any direct impact i became disheartened. However with this new course I can’t wait to enrol!!”

We pray to  Allah (swt) puts Barakah and prosperity in the actions of all the hard working staff and volunteers at the institute and accepts all their efforts whom had been working behind the scenes on this project .