Tayyibun will use Zoom as the platform to continue our adult courses. With any learning platform or environment, it is important to adhere to some basic rules and advice that will help make the learning and teaching experiences for the students and the instructors as simple and as beneficial as possible. We’ve put together some basic information below to help keep things easy to follow.

Where you are unsure about anything, please contact the office on 020 7702 7254 or email info@tayyibun.com and we will attempt to help/guide you through whatever your query may be.


By using/being part of our online lessons, you should:

  • Read Zoom’s terms and conditions and privacy policy and if you unsure about anything contact the office;
  • Note that we shall complete these 3/4 weeks of online lessons to cover what has been missed up till now; the online classes are replacing the normal classes at Whitechapel until it is safe to resume normal lessons;
  • Know that only YOU should be a participant in the lesson;
  • Ensure you’re familiar using Zoom and have your pc/laptop/phone properly set up for its use;
  • Think about minimising surrounding noise and ensure there is enough lighting;
  • Make sure you have a good internet connection. Consider closing any irrelevant running applications which might significantly consume your internet bandwidth;
  • Communicate/speak clearly so the teacher can hear what you are saying and feel free to ask the teacher to repeat anything you haven’t been able to hear well;
  • Follow your Teacher’s preferences on how they would like manage the classes;
  • Rest assured that we will not keep or store any information arising out of your use of Zoom for adult classes and no teacher will ask for any personal details either;
  • Bear in mind that Tayyibun doesn’t usually provide online adult lessons and is only doing so for the time being to help deal with the novel situation we are faced with at present. Some things will of course not be the same on this platform but we’re doing our best to ensure you don’t miss out and will keep you posted on any new developments.


By using/being part of our online lessons, you should not:

  • Share your username and login data with anyone else or authorise use of your account by another person. Do not impersonate another user/person or use their username;
  • Share the link you will be provided with for your lessons with anyone else. This link is exclusive to those enrolled on their respective course.
  • Promote or advertise any products or services during lesson time;
  • Use the service to generate or send unsolicited communications, messages, advertising, etc;
  • Record in any way (audio or video) any part of the lessons or the teachers or any learning material posted onto Zoom during your lesson. This means no external devices for recording are permitted and no screenshots should be taken.  Tayyibun has a no recording policy;
  • Ask the teacher for their personal details, such as email address/phone number/social media details, etc., without first obtaining permission to do so from Tayyibun Management.