Tayyibun has been serving communities since 2006.

Tayyibun Institute is an independent seminary well received in London and widely recognised by Scholars across continents.

We work to support our students in progressing through a multi-discipline curriculum at progressive levels with the aim of nurturing excellence in all walks of life.

Courses are taught by Instructors who have received instruction in various disciplines from institutions of learning both in the UK and abroad.

We are a non-partisan organisation and have no affiliation with any groups, political or religious.

Through our select curriculum and together with our student body we aspire to promote values that harbour good community relations demonstrative of respect and tolerance.

Courses at the Institute are offered on a three-term cycle per year. Each term affords eleven weeks of contact study on a once a week basis.


We are seeking dynamic individuals interested in voluntary opportunities at our Madrasah Branches. Should you wish to help, please contact the Office on 020 7702 7254 or email [email protected] in the first instance.  Volunteers are entitled to a reference, an end of year certificate and access to our Adult Courses at a discounted rate.


As part of Tayyibun’s various projects to benefit the community we have delivered various events around the country, including lecture tours by notable scholars.  Whether it be a lecture tour by a visiting scholar, a training session with an educational specialist, collective charitable efforts for the needy or public seminars for sisters, Tayyibun is committed to providing access to authentic educational initiatives; mutual endeavours that bring about togetherness and seek the enjoinment of goodness in society.


Since Tayyibun’s inception our seminars and conferences have been the inspirational first steps for the general public and aspiring students to venture into the realms of acquiring authentic Islamic education (seeking the pursuit of structured part-time and full-time study programmes).  Our seminars and conferences are designed to deliver eemaan-boosting lectures, heart-melting Qur’anic recitation and a forum for scholars from around the world to gather under one platform. Our seminars and conferences have been free and open to all.

Our Tayyibun Annual Conference has become a staple of our community events and a highlight in the calendars of the Muslim community. Regularly well-attended by some of the most senior scholars and honourable recitors, the Annual Conference is an opportunity for all to benefit from a day of inspirational practical advice that resonates for the whole family.

Throughout the month of Ramadhaan, a series of Annual Iftar Gatherings, conferences and Tarawih Prayer programmes are held around the country.  These combine brief motivational reminders, Qira’ah, the facilitation of congregational prayers and the breaking of the fast in brotherhood with food; these are harmonious events held for local people.

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Head of Operations
Abdul Gani
Head of Education &

Zahed Choudhury
Head of Administration
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IT Services Manager
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Jubair Hussain
    • Planning for the future, Tayyibun has developed several programmes and projects for the benefit of the wider community in the UK.

      Tayyibun website was relaunched with additional services and functionality.

    • Working with our charity partners, Tayyibun Institute helped raise more than £6M.

      Expanding in our work to deliver inspiring Conferences around the country we also managed multiple Iftar Gatherings in various cities throughout the month of Ramadhaan.

    • Our first full time intensive course, Arabic Through the Qur’an, was launched successfully with more than 25 students.

      A Madrasah branch in Ilford was launched and visited by our supportive Ma’shaykh.

      Aside from our regular Annual Iftar Gatherings in London and Birmingham, Tayyibun launched the Tarawih Night Prayer programmes for all. Set in a beautiful and tranquil location, this was an opportunity for the congregation to listen to beautiful recitation and inspiring lectures in the last ten nights of the month of Ramadhaan.

    • A new Madrasah branch was launched in West London.

      The need for female scholarship within the UK has driven us to start the Daaiyyah programme. This three year in depth course involves teaching and training sisters already well versed in the Arabic language and Qur’an to become learned and experienced facilitating their becoming pioneer teachers and lecturers. Daaiyyat fulfil a role of necessity in our community delivering courses around the country for sisters who are are unable to travel to attain knowledge or have no competent teachers available in the region.

    • Having started with only a handful of students, five years on Tayyibun student body had increased by near 1000%. Our website was updated with online registrations and student profile management.

      As our students progressed in their subject levels so too did we by introducing yet higher levels in Arabic Language, Spoken Arabic and Islamic studies.

      Visits by world renowned figures such as Shaykh Dr. Muhammed Yusri of Egypt, Shaykh Muhammed al Luhaidan, Shaykh Salem al Amry, Shaykh Nasser al Hamad and Shaykh Abdullah Basfar brought renewed interest in supporting and collaborating with other institutions around the globe.

      Tayyibun Annual Iftar Gatherings became a prominent feature for Ramadhaan in the Tayyibun calendar and used as means to deliver inspiring lecture by visiting scholars and be present to listen to heart moving recitations by internationally renowned recitors in London and wider Britain.

    • With increasing interest in our courses and study programmes, we ran more classes than ever before. A dedicated sisters only project, Al Muminaat was established with a view to teach the multitude of eager sisters. Since then we have been running free open sisters only Halaqat during term time.

      We were inundated by requests from enthusiastic parents who attended our courses to provide structured educative programmes for their children too. Tayyibun Madrasah was set up to meet this growing demand.

    • Firmly established as the UK’s leading independent Islamic institute, recognition from renowned scholars and institutions from around the world soon followed. Dignitaries the likes of Shaykh Muhammed al Luhaidan, Shaykh Dr. Ayman al Ulayaan and Shaykh Dr. Sa’ad Nasr ash-Shethri visited us and delivered courses and lectures.

      In our second Annual Dawrah an additional intensive programme teaching Arabic Language was delivered, as well as a complementary weekend course for those who were unable to attend the weekday course.

    • Following numerous requests from our student body, the dedicated Faculties of Aqeedah and Fiqh were opened. This was our initial foray into teaching Islamic studies subjects from classical authentic texts.

      Our first intensive study programme, the Summer Dawrah was held covering subjects such as Aqeedah, Usool Ul Fiqh, Uloom Ul Qur’an and Usool Ul Hadith. A resounding success, this provided further impetus to expand and teach further Islamic studies subjects at the Institute.

    • With the introduction of a revised custom Tajweed syllabus and increasing volume of students registering every term, year after year we sought a new dedicated fit for purpose educationally conducive venue to hold our classes.

    • Tayyibun’s inaugural 1st Annual Conference was attended by many prospective students and inspiring lectures were delivered by teachers and scholars of the UK emphasising the need for self-reflection, improving one’s conduct and the role of Islamic education.

  • Conceived in 2006 (1426 A.H.) by Abu Ayman, Tayyibun Institute began with the assistance of a small number of supporters and teachers as a means for education focussing on the key subjects of Tajweed Ul Qur’an and Arabic Language. With only six classes per week for both brothers and sisters (segregated) in rented classrooms, Tayyibun began small but with a huge potential to provide quality structured courses to all.